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Private Jet Charter

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Akamai Air

Operating since 2004 with a "Perfect Flying Safety" Record.

The word "Akamai" is Hawaiian! "To do something smart or intelligently"!

Private jet Charter Services

"Akamai" is how we conduct our Air Charter operations. We are proud to say that we are Family owned and operated with a Perfect Flying Safety Record.

Our Pilots are of the highest standards with thousands of hours of flight time commanding private jet Charter Aircraft. We operate fast, reliable, pressurized Pilatus aircraft.

We have an excellent reputation, with 99.9% on-time dispatch.

Based in beautiful Salt Lake City, South Valley Regional Airport. We offer 24/7 VIP Air Charter Aircraft, Concierge Services, and Aircraft Management.


Yes! it does matter how you get from here to there. We know how you like to travel First Class"

Our Private jet Charter Department has more than just a wealth of experience! A Private airplane charter is available 24/7 with destinations that included the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

A Private jet Charter lets you travel when you want to. With no security hassles, you can be in the air within 15 mins of your arrival at the aircraft.

We are Pet-friendly so you don't have to leave your loved ones at home or in the cargo hold. Cuddle them with you in the cabin.

Travel at over 315 MPH to your Skiing, Golfing, business appointment or take the family to Disney, Sea World, Sports events. For Personal, Business and/or Pleasure. Give us a call at 801 810 0518. and start your Adventure in style.

We offer 24/7 Aircraft Charter services to the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, Canada, and the 48 contiguous States. Travel when you want to, no security hassles. Drive up to your private jet charter aircraft and be in the air in 15 minutes. We are the ones that are flexible.  More  about private jet charter

Private Jet Charter

Call us for our Specials or Empty Leg flights availabilty.

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Call us at  1-801 810 0518
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