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Air Charter Information premier air charter Service

Private Air charter let's you take control of your time. Fly when you want, where you want. Arrive just a few minutes, not hours, before the flight and be in the air in as little over 15 minutes. Forget the time and energy-depleting security lines, flight delays, cramped seats, checked and lost bags, and the struggle to find space in overhead compartments. Just Charter your own aircraft and travel in comfort!

  •     Forget the time, energy and stress with TSA

  •     The overhead luggage space is all yours

  •     Perfect for traveling with children

Discover why charter service is the preferred air travel solution for many.

Astute business professionals, families, and celebrities choose private aviation for its convenience, flexibility, comfort and security. Depart from - and fly to - one of over 5000 airports, compared to only about 500 airports serviced by commercial airlines. Fly directly to your destination, instead of to the closest large city. We travel to accommodate your schedule - enabling you to combine trips, travel to multiple cities - in short, saving you valuable time.

We operate Fairchild Merlin SA226T Jet Prop Aircraft Crusie at close to 300MPH with nine executive interior that seats upto nine passengers and up to date Avionics and Navigation equipment.

Soft leather seats with lots of leg room make that trip extra special. We can cater your meals to your liking. Travel high and fast knowing that your luggage will be there when you are.

Privacy - With Akamai Air Charter you & your guests have the entire aircraft to yourselves. You travel exclusively with passengers you know, and enjoy the personal privacy that allows you to discuss business or simply relax. Our larger cabin aircraft offer a fine dining experience comparable to a five star restaurant. This is truly the kind of Perfection that commercial airlines wouldn't even consider.

  •     We are on your time frame

  •     Advanced navigation and avionics

  •     On-board entertainment

  •     USB ports and charging stations

  •     Over 5,000 Airports country wide

  •     Multiple stops in one day so you can get your back to your family.

  •     Catered food to your liking

  •     No lost luggage

When you utilize Akamai for your Air Charter needs, you can have a morning meeting in Los  Angeles, an afternoon meeting in Denver & return home to San Francisco just in time for dinner. Air Charter with Akamai opens up a world of opportunity by giving you flexibility to plan your travel around your schedule. The only way travel is with Akamai Air Charter.

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