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Merlin SA226T Spec Sheet for N699KM

Fairchild Merlin SA226

Speed 325+ mph
Altitude 31,000 ft
Length 42 ft 2in
Height 16 ft 9in

Range 2200  nm SLC to east coast non- stop!
MTOW 12,500 lbs
Cabin size is largest in its class* With "extra" leg room, 15 feet long,   4.9 feet high,  5 feet wide.


Newly painted in 2013 and the Interior was completed in 2006.

Comfortable luxurious seating for 9 passengers and luggage including; Skis, Golf clubs, Family Pets, etc..​

Your luxurious specious cabin has Movies, Music, Audio books, Power outlet,  USB ports, **Wi-Fi service, hot and cold drinks.  Air conditioning, Fresh air vents, reading lights. Toilet, pillows and light blankets. Meals and other beverages as ordered by customer.

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