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Aircraft Management



Akamai Air provides a complete menu of aircraft management services attractive to corporations and individuals interested in freedom from day-to-day administrative, regulatory and operational complexities of owning an aircraft. Enjoy the privileges of jet ownership without the time-consuming responsibilities. You maintain control and use of the aircraft with complete confidence that you have entrusted your aviation asset to the right company.


Akamai Air Management - Is a complete aircraft management program including technical services, crew management, maintenance, crew training, security, safety, FAA compliance and cost efficiencies, plus the opportunity to offset your ownership costs through charter revenue... 


Offset the cost of ownership, your executive aircraft can be placed in our management program and if you so desire entered into our charter fleet when you are not using it. It will be flown by its designated crew and will carry only the elite passengers for which we are known. The result is that your plane will always be available whenever you need it, but will also be creating charter revenue as an aviation asset. Many of our clients enjoy more than a million dollars per year in offsetting revenue.

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