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Salt Lake City by Private Jet

Private Aircraft Charter

Private Jet Charter is a very useful tool for both business and pleasure. It is a safe, expeditious and fun way to travel around the world.  

A private Jet charter can get you to many places in one day and still have your home for supper with your family!

With over 5,000 Airports available to you, Private Jet Charter, allows you to be where you want to be faster and with less ground time transferring to your final destination. Its faster, and with no TSA lines, no lost luggage and hassle-free!. It's a no brainer! :)

Salt Lake City by Private Jet
Salt Lake City by Private Jet 😎☝️❤️
Private Jet Charter

We are a PET​ Friendly Airline and 

welcome you furry Family Friends!

Travel in Style

ACM Flight Deck

The best looking way to fly ☝️✈️😎

Akamai Air - Private Jet Charter 


it does matter how you get from here to there, and we know how you like to travel "First Class".  

That is why chartering a private aircraft is the only way to travel.

Our Private Jet Charter Department has a wealth of experience in accommodating all your flying needs and expectations.

A Private Jet Charter is available 24/7, with destinations that included the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

Private Air Charter lets you travel when you want to. With no security hassles, you can be in the air within 15 mins of your arrival at the aircraft.




We are Pet-friendly so you don't have to leave your loved ones at home or in the cargo hold. Cuddle them with you in the cabin.

Travel at over 500 MPH to your Skiing, Golfing, business appointment or take the family to Disney, Sea World, Sports events, or other destinations.

Travel when you want to, no security hassles. Just drive up to your private Aircraft and be in the Air in 15 minutes.   We are the ones that are flexible. Simply tell us where you are going and we will take care of the rest. Including concierge services to help you discover what the Private Jet Charter experience can do for you, your family and business requirements.

Akamai Air aims higher than other charter operators by offering a superb and second to none private jet charter experience built on a foundation of trust, vast experience, and transparency.  Flight safety is our number one priority for its passengers and crew.


Founded in 2004 by a family that has over 30 years in the Private Jet Charter on-demand charter services.

We adhere to the highest ethical standards valuing the client relationship above all and is Honored of its safety record. Gold rating with ARG/US.

Whether your travel is for Personal, Business, and/or Pleasure.

Travel in Style every time with

Akamai Air

Private Jet Charter.

Give us a call or reserve online  


Akamai Air is an FAA-certified Air Carrier

operating under certificate AWDA108K

Private Jet Charter is the way to travel non stop luxury Airplane, Private Jet Charter here in Salt Lake City, Utah Airplane, CHARTER, Adventure Air Akamai-Air Charters, Salt, Lake, UTAH. Private Jet Rental and VIP Private Jet Rental is a great way for you and your family or business associates to get things done fast and expeditiously. Think about being able to get to two or more airports in a day and still be home for dinner with the family. 


Air Charter-services, Turbine, Prop,  Jet, Golf,  Skiing, Full-service charter flights, are the best way to travel on your time, business jet, prop charter, aircraft charter, airplane, Air Taxi, sightseeing. 

How does private jet rental work, what does private jet charter cost, well the benefit of using this type of service is flying  Private Jet Charter aircraft, Its extremely safe, you can fly when you want to and on your timeframe.   What is private jet charter aircraft you pay for the whole aircraft and all its seats on an hourly rate.  You can travel with you with pets and let the fury friends fly in the cabin with you on a private jet charter.

Private Jet Charter Family Salt Lake City Utah

Akamai Air, Private Jet Charter

3526 S 2700 E

Salt Lake City, Utah 84109

call: 801 810 0518

Hours- Private Jet Charter operations

Sunday                  Open         24 Hours

Monday                 Open         24 Hours

Tuesday                 Open         24 Hours

Wednesday           Open         24 Hours

Thursday               Open         24 Hours

Friday                     Open         24 Hours

Saturday                Open         24 Hours

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